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Audio T Manchester have supplied high quality Hi-Fi and home cinema for twenty years. We pride ourselves on customer service and impartial advice.

We regularly welcome customers from Bolton, Salford, Ashton, Oldham, Altrincham, Warrington, Stockport, Rochdale, Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Wigan, Huddersfield, Buxton and Knutsford so please call in to discuss your plans.

Our staff have almost 60 years of experience between them and provide an excellent after sales service. We also offer turntable upgrades and servicing to most turntables.

We have a demonstration room where you can audition dedicated products in a relaxed atmosphere.

Turntable Servicing
We are able to service your turntables if you need us to and upgrading these can often produce considerable benefits. We have been working with turntables for many years, making improvements that are cost effective.

You can meet the team and learn more about great sounding Hi-Fi and home cinema products by viewing our store video below.

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63 Bridge Street
M3 3BQ

Tel: 0161 839 8869

Contacts: Dave, Munir and Michael

Opening hours

Monday 9:30 - 17:30 
Tuesday 9:30 - 17:30
Wednesday 9:30 - 17:30
Thursday 9:30 - 17:30
Friday 9:30 - 17:30
Saturday 9:30 - 17:30
Sunday* 11:30 - 16:30 

 * Store Closed on Sundays from July 31st - August 28th inclusive.

Directions & parking

Download instructions on how to find the store by clicking here . The instructions will open in Adobe pdf format.

There is a large multi-storey car park next to Kendals department store, and several others nearby.

We'll Pay For Your Parking

With increased pressure to park in and around town these days we hope this will be a small but useful service that will encourage you to visit us. If you come into the store and buy something we will reimburse your parking fees. To claim your refund you MUST ask the salesperson before you make payment and we will credit against your purchase.

Meet the team

David - joined Audio T in 1999
With around 30 years experience in the hi-fi industry in both retail and distribution, David is more from the old school of hi-fi with a passion for 2 channel stereo systems and is never happier than when setting up a turntable ! Though streaming has also been embraced especially Hi Res Audio.
Current system: Linn Turntable , Naim streamer & Naim amplification
Favourite music: ranges from Electro to Folk 
Weirdest gig: Zodiac Mind Warp and the Love Reaction at the Boardwalk Manchester.

Munir - joined Audio T in 2002
First job: straight out of college in 1988, Munir started working for Microvitec Plc. This involved using video pattern generators and light meters to video calibrate very expensive monitors for the Reuters news agency. A precursor to todays ISF video standards used for projectors, plasmas etc, in fact, setting the greyscales and colours "by eye only" was a challenge I enjoyed getting involved in.
Top Bands / Artists: (at the moment) John Coltrane, Bonobo, M83 and Matthew Halsall & the Gondawana orchestra.
Top Films: Rashoman by Akira Kurosawa(still at the top), The Revenant and Lord Of the Rings trilogy.
Favourite demonstration music (and why):
I have more than one really but at the moment Beck’s "The Information” is a stand out.
Tracks on my current playlist: Pakard by Plastikman from the Artifakts album. This track just simmers gently in the background, love it.
Dancing in Outerspace by Atmospere (masters at work mix)
Black Sands by Bonobo
The Message by Cymande
Dreamsters by Tipper
Favourite demonstration movies (and why):
The storm scene from Prometheus as the crew try to get back to the ship - Great movie too.
The motorbike scene in Skyfall culminating in "Bond atop the train" just as the titles start & The Dolby Atmos demo Blu-ray. Both scenes show you exactly what a correctly set up home cinema should sound like.


 - joined Audio T in 2012
Career: 6 years in Hi-Fi retail and counting, covering all roles from Sales Assistant to Store manager.
Favourite Gig: The first year I went to Rebellion Festival in 2010
Worst Gig: Descendents cancelling their show as I checked into my hotel having travelled down to London!
System: Vinyl based and self built PC streaming into a Linn Aktiv system.
Interests: (Hi-Fi). Music, Playing Guitar. Computers. Currently playing around with Raspberry Pi.


Simon - joined Audio-T in 2016
Background : Graduated from Salford uni with a Bsc in sound and video engineering, lived and worked in New Zealand for a while, came back in 2016 as a  film/video editor and photographer, I decided this was not my cup of tea staring at a computer all day and working from home. I decided to take a fresh approach to doing my favourite hobby as a job. Never looked back since.
Current System: Tidal streaming going through a Chord mojo via PC
Best Gig: Fatboy Slim or Molotov Jukebox both were just awesome.
Worst Gig: Enter Shikari...(What was I thinking?)
Interests: Cycling, fitness, hikes and walking around the lake and peak district, music (ofcourse), shooting film and editing (for leisure not work).

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  • Quotes

    10 out of 10.

    Mr Stewart, Alderley Edge - 18th January 2017
  • Quotes

    We travelled here from Wensleydale, North Yorks. It was here or Newcastle. Staff were very helpful on the phone and extremely helpful during our visit. We were not up to speed with recent developments and we weren't spending lot of money but we were not rushed and everything was clearly explained.

    Mr Howard, Wensleydale - 16th January 2017
  • Quotes

    The only stockist in Manchester that had the subwoofer we wanted and being impatient we wanted it same day. Very helpful over the phone and explained how the optional wireless adaptor/connector to the amp worked which persuaded us to buy it and when I collected the guys showed me how it connected. I would recommend them on service and price too.

    Mr Cullen, Heywood - 15th January 2017
  • Quotes

    Brilliant. Very helpful, understanding, patient and informative. Will definitely return when necessary.

    Mr Evans, Manchester - 10th January 2017
  • Quotes

    Had a chat and entertained you guys with the pictures of the Jecklin Floats. Good service, shame you don't have a branch in Montauban!

    Mr Perry, Accrington - 10th January 2017
  • Quotes

    Nice atmosphere and professional service. I recommend highly this company.

    Mr Sudan, Switzerland - 06th January 2017
  • Quotes

    Excellent and friendly service from knowledgeable guys in Manchester store.

    Mr Holburn, Warrington - 02nd January 2017
  • Quotes

    I am lucky enough to have a few Cyrus streamers: 2 Streamline 2's and a Lyric 09, bought from Creative Audio in Shrewsbury, Vickers in York & Superfi in Stockport. I'm based in Stockport. They all needed firmware upgrades and I looked up the approved dealers and called the first retailer. After establishing that I hadn't bought my streamers from them they declined to do firmware updates. The reason given was that they use Macs so it wasn't possible for them to do the upgrades. That made me wonder how they support the customers who have bought from them - I thought their real reason was probably because I didn't buy from them, which I understand, but some honesty would have been appreciated. It wasn't what I expected from one of the approved dealers - after all, people move towns, and it isn't always straightforward to return a unit to the dealer it was bought from. The next dealer I called was Audio T in Manchester. The experience could not have contrasted more with the first one. They immediately invited me to bring all three to the store and were quick to volunteer that they would all be updated free of charge. I did this and they did the update, showing me a truly impressive, welcoming, friendly store providing great quality service and advice - basically what you hope for with Cyrus dealers. Mike was absolutely outstanding in his help with this. I thought such exceptional service was worth a mention. It's made me even keener on Cyrus products, and from now on I will be buying from Audio T because of their knowledge, attitude and great service.

    Mr Lowe, Stockport - 22nd December 2016

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