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"Very pleased with AudioT. I had previously gone to Richer Sounds and when I asked if they had Q Acoustics, he belittled them (because they weren't in stock) went straight onto another surround sound set of speakers and then tried every hard sell tactic he could to get me to buy there and then. I wasn't sure about any of it and very glad that I walked out. Went to AudioT and the representative there was not only very knowledgeable and objective, but there was absolutely no hard selling. He set up the audition room so I could try some speakers out and hear the differences. It was comfortable and I had time to make an informed decision about what I wanted. I ended up spending much more than the set that the previous guy want to flog me but I was completely happy with my purchase. Would highly recommend Audio T to anyone." Mr Bloom, Brighton

New Naim mu-so video by Ridley Scott

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