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The Sonos Connect is an incredibly versatile music device, suitable as a standalone music system whilst having the ability to connect to other Sonos multimedia devices to build a multi-room music system that will be the envy of friends and family.

Best Multi-Room System up to £500  2014

The Sonos Connect (formerly ZP90)  Zoneplayer can be used as a stand alone music player, or can be linked into other Sonos kit to create a multi room music system.

Put simply, it's a device that lets you stream music from your PC or the internet directly into your sound system. Just plug the Connect into the auxiliary inputs on your stereo or home cinema system and enjoy sound straight away.

Getting set up is easy - wire one of the ZonePlayer's directly into your router using the supplied ethernet cable, or if the router is too far from where you want your music, connect directly to your home Wi-Fi instead which will enable you to stream wirelessly.

Once a single unit is connected, all the other units, including your Controller and all other ZonePlayers, can link wirelessly to your router, leaving the rest of the system totally wireless.

Install the supplied Sonos Desktop Controller onto your computer and you will be taken through the easy to follow set up process - choose what music you want to share, whether it be stored on any of your network devices or on the internet, and start listening straight away.

The Sonos Connect ZonePlayer is designed to be plugged into an existing music system, such as your stereo, radio or home cinema system.


HiFi SOUND AND ROCK-SOLID WIRELESS. Experience your favorite music from the only wireless music system that combines warm, full-bodied HiFi sound with the most powerful solutions for delivering rock-solid wireless performance in any home.

STREAM ALL THE MUSIC ON EARTH. A single app lets you play your entire music library, stream all of your favorite Music Services and tune in to more than 100,000 Internet radio stations and podcasts. Play the same song in every room, in perfect sync—or play different music in every room—from any source.

SIMPLE TO SET-UP, CONTROL, AND EXPAND. Control your favorite music sources and listening experience with a free app for iOS, Android, Mac or PC. And since it is a modular system, you can easily add music to more rooms with a simple button press.


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Sonos Connect

Sonos Connect
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