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The Hawk 2 is a modular three way poly-directional speaker system consisting of a total of 10 drivers mounted in separate bass and mid/treble cabinets. These fabulously finished cabinets are constructed from Finland Birch ply in the traditional Shahinian way.

The Hawk 2 speakers consist of a substantial bass section that may be located underneath the midrange section in a conventional layout or set to one side at a distance effectively creating a satellite/subwoofer setup if the installation location demands it.  Shahinian believe in the benefits of indirect presentation from their designs and this always results in terrific air and space from your recordings. In fact it conveys a great sense of how the live performance would have been presented which allows you to forget what you are listening to and just become totally engaged with the music and that is the ultimate goal of any hi-fi system surely? The Hawk 2 achieves remarkably low distortion levels and tremendous dynamic headroom...almost the levels achieved in the ultimate Diapason model!

Hawk Subwoofer

The Hawk Subwoofer is essentially one-half of a Double Eagle, turned 90° and inverted. In addition, the built-in filter module provides several crossover options. All can be bypassed for bi-amp function. The Hawk not only to expands the Shainian product line, but also solves specific install problems and provides options previously unavailable.

All who have a central fireplace or large-screen TV can now place the split Hawks in the standard left-and-right room locations. This permits one to make a variety of satellite choices, such as locating them directly on top of the Hawk, or at some desired distance, thereby allowing the Hawk to be utilized as a pedestal for lamps or vases, etc.

Hawk Module

The Hawk Module is nothing less than a meticulous reduction of the Diapason Module. The essential geometry has been retained, only the complement of drive elements reduced. The Hawk Module contains 8 drivers as compared to the Diapason's 14. The characteristic tonal color is similar though a touch less opulent. The objective was to provide a modest alternative to the Diapason forfeiting little in the way of available performance.

The Hawk module was obviously designed to match the Hawk Subwoofer although it is perfectly capable of working with the Double Eagle Subwoofer providing an easy upgrade route over time.

Hawk Subwoofer

Hybrid transmission-line design with 8” curved polypropylene cone woofer with rear firing 10” passive radiator bass chamber. Designed for use with Hawk Module, but can be purchased separately.

¾” Finland birch enclosure.
Crossover point selectable at 125 and 250 Hz.
Crossover bypass.
Power handling: 250W max
Frequency Response: -3dB/25-250 Hz
Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms.
Sensitivity: 87 dB
Dimensions: 12” x 17” x 30”
Finish: Oak, Walnut, Cherry, or Rosewood
Weight: 60 lbs.


Hawk Module

Four 4 ½” curved poly cone low/midrange drivers with 1” voice coils, and four 1” titanium-neodymium tweeters. Designed as a companion to match the Hawk subwoofer, may be used with Double Eagle subwoofer as well; a meticulous reduction of the Diapason with essential geometry retained. Features cabinet shaped as an asymmetrical prism with unequal rakes fore and aft, and equal rakes left and right; low/midrange drivers with 1” aluminum voice coils and 10-oz ceramic magnets, 1” tweeters feature high efficiency neodymium magnets, mixture of first and third order filters (6 and 18 dB) for minimum phase function; 250 Hz input filter may be bypassed for substitution, if required, for use with other subwoofers; internal wiring consists of Kimber 4tc with low flux high quality pure solder. Direct bypass for electronic crossover option.

Power handling: 600W max
Frequency Response: -3dB/250-22,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms.
Sensitivity: 87 dB
Dimensions: 11 5/8” x 16 1/4” x 6 1/2”
Weight: 20 lbs.

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Shahinian Hawk 2 Speakers

Shahinian Hawk
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