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The Classic SB SuperPack boasts the same elegant design as the original but has a new integral electronic speed change, bundled Ortofon Quintet Red MC cartridge, Leather mat and Record clamp to create a complete audiophile solution.

Like the famous Debut model Project wanted create an easy to use “plug & play” product, but with better sound due to better isolation. Modern damping materials TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomers) have allowed them to design a very effective, subchassis construction. Isolating the platter and tonearm from the resonances of the motor and main plinth is the target.

The second drawback for most of the old designs was the platter. The cast platters have all been heavy (which is good for speed constancy and low wow and flutter) but suffered very much from ringing effects which again caused colouration of the sound. The platter of The Classic is precisely machined out of a special aluminium alloy again damped with TPE, which offers special damping abilities. The subplatter / main bearing construction used is similar system as on the Debut. It's hardened steel/ Bronze bushing/ Teflon bearing mirror results in very smooth low noise running smoothness of the bearing. The main difference to the Debut bearing are the tolerances which are by factor 10 lower and therefore more precise (0,005%). The subplatter is a very sophisticated part which is accurately machined and guarantees a very good isolation between bearing noise and the platter itself. 

The radical new designed Classic Tonearm is the result of 25 years of experience in mechanical construction. The tonearm tube is made out of a sandwich of Carbon and Aluminium: Carbon for stiffness and speed, Alu for better damping. The Cardan bearing assembly with pin-point Zircon bearing provides ultra low friction. A new expensive Japanese base-ball-bearing allows a better lead of the tonearm wire and increases the free movement of the arm. The counterweight incorporates a TPE damper which allows a reduction of the amplitude of the tonearm cartridge resonance frequency by 50%. 

Project supply as standard on the SB Superpack the Ortofon Quintet Red Moving coil cartridge that guarantees a detailed, open and inviting sound. The improved motor control allows 33/45 rpm at the push of a button and 78rpm by moving the belt to the larger pulley. Exceptional vinyl replay is assured as an upgraded leather mat and record clamp is also included! Finally a top-grade RCA connection cable and a dust cover are included. The turntable is available in Walnut, Rosenut, Eucalyptus.

Fitted Cartridge: Ortofon Quintet Red
Nominal Speeds: 33 / 45rpm (Electronic) 78rpm (Manual)
Speed & Variance: 33: 0.13% 45: 0.10%
Wow & Flutter: 33: 0.10% 45: 0.09%
Signal-to-Nosie: -70dB
Platter: 300mm Aluminium (TPE-Lined)
Main Bearing: Stainless Steel (Bronze Bushing with Teflon bottom)
Effective Arm Length: 230mm
Overhang: 18mm
Effective Tonearm Mass: 13.5g
Tracking Force Range: 10 - 30mN
Included Accessories: Dust Cover, Leather-IT, Clamp-IT, RCA Cables
Power Supply: 15V / 1.6A DC
Power Consumption: 5.0W / <0.5W
Standby Dimensions (WxHxD): 460 x 131 x 351mm (Lid Closed)
Weight: 10.2kg (net)

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Project Classic SB Superpack Turntable

Walnut SB Superpack
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