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Cor is the first domestic Hi-Fi amplifier from celebrated speaker manufacturer PMC. They have for many years created amplification to match their studio monitors and now they draw on their experience in that field to create this masterpiece for your home.

The Cor has been both designed and assembled by hand in the UK with the goal of not adding any sonic character to the music. This ethos is carried over from the way in which they design their loudspeakers whereby music needs to be reproduced with great musicality, transparency and neutrality.

The Cor is an amplifier that works entirely in the analogue domain with components chosen without compromise as a result of extensive listening tests.

Ease of use was still high on the list of priorities however as the volume control, which, together with the tone and balance faders, are motorised using the finest technology from professional mixing consoles, and are remote controllable.

Cor - the dictionary definition of which is: (anatomy) heart; (figuratively) soul, mind - excels in all these areas being an intelligent design that delivers in spades when it comes to getting to the Heart & Soul of your music. Make sure you get to hear one in store!

Cor is available in both Black and Silver finish options.

Type:Pure analogue Class A/B integrated amplifier
Inputs:1 x balanced, 4 x single-ended, direct in
Outputs:4mm binding posts, preamp out

Frequency response:20Hz - 20kHz +0/-0.2dB 5Hz - 80kHz +0/-1dB
Maximum gain:15dB
Tone controls:+/- 10dB
Input impedance:25kOhms, unbalanced >14kOhms, balanced
THD:0.001% at 1kHz
Maximum input:5.5Vrms
Maximum output:10Vrms

Rated output power, 230V mains:95W into 8Ohms,140W into 4Ohms
Frequency response:20Hz - 20kHz +0/-0.2dB 5Hz - 80kHz +0/-1dB
Input impedance:23.5kOhms
Sensitivity:1V = 100W into 8Ohms
THD (Rated output power into 8Ohms):0.001% at 1kHz
Noise:-101dB A-weighted re. rated output
Damping factor:>160 into 8Ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz

Dimensions:W 432mm H 87.5mm D 401mm (inc. feet)

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PMC Cor Amplifier

PMC Cor Black
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