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The new Naim mu-so one-box music system can play your stored music files from a hard drive, i-pod device, TV or computer in up to 24bit Studio Master quality, through its 6 x 75W amplifier / speaker system, all built into one stunning looking unit. Serial No. 1309010208

Best Wireless Speaker £750+ Product Of The Year 2014

The mu-so is a radical departure for Naim Audio who are best known for their exemplary range of Hi-Fi separates and loudspeakers. They have however combined their experience in all of these areas to deliver the mu-so which is a single box solution that consists of loudspeakers, amplifiers and music streaming technology.

The mu-so is beautifully constructed from extruded aluminium, anodised aluminium and wood with solid aluminium touch panel controls. In total it weighs a hefty 13Kg providing a solid chassis for the loudspeaker drivers to work within.

Naim have equipped mu-so with six 75w amplifiers directly driving six custom designed drive units in an active configuration to ensure serious musical performance. You can connect to the Mu-so using Airplay, Bluetooth or wireless UPNP network streaming with High Res music files catered for up to 24bit/192Khz on a wired network connection.

The great news about this product is that beauty is not just skin deep! Although it is stunning to behold in person the real magic starts when you connect your music source and settle down to enjoy your tunes.

The first thing that hits you is that this is unlike any single box music solution that has preceded it, music really has dynamics and it retains openness and clarity over a wide operating volume with none of the "Honky" or "Nasal" characteristics that afflict single box solutions normally.

Upon launch we are promised the new Mu-so app which will be able to control both the new unit and existing Naim network music products. It will for the first time bring Naim streaming control to users of Android devices as well as the Apple iOS of the current n-Stream app.

In addition to the smorgasbord of streaming options a traditional optical and analogue input are offered so you can integrate existing equipment like your TV for example. In addition a number of coloured grilles are available to allow decor matching or allow it to stand out!

In short this is a "Must Hear" product - Those of us who have had the pleasure agree that you NEED to come in-store and experience this first hand! Check out out our blog and the videos below:

Read the our mu-so sneak preview blog

Muso supports the following audio formats: WAV, FLAC and AIFF up to 24-bit/192kHz; ALAC (Apple Lossless) up to 24-bit/96kHz; MP3 up to 48kHz, 320kb (16-bit); AAC up to 48kHz, 320kb (16-bit); and OGG and WMA up to 48kHz (16-bit)

Muso is powered by 6 x 75 watt amplifiers

Muso measures just under 63cm wide, 12cm tall and 25.6cm deep, and weighs 13kg.


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