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The JERN Model 12 is an elegant design, and it delivers an audio quality like no other small loudspeaker. Its shape, the selected components and the extraordinary cabinet material are the keys to the superior sound quality. Available in different driver/component configurations.

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Danish design Casting in iron allows our designers and engineers to create this new, rounded and organic shape. The shape and the strong heavy material both increase the sound quality. JERN is the Danish word for iron

The best cabinet shape The spherical shape gives the smoothest frequency response, and the lowest amount of diffraction sounds disturbing the music. This has been known for many years, see page 23 of PhD Harry F. Olsons book “Elements of Acoustical Engineering” from 1957. Therefore the cabinet is shaped like 2 spheres melted together. The cabinet is 30 cm tall, 19,5 cm deep and 21 cm wide.

An easy load for your amplifier The nominal impedance of 4 ohms makes the JERN 11, 12XF and 12WS an uncomplicated load for good amplifiers. The sensitivity is 86 dB (2,83V 1m).

Cabinet advantages The closed cabinet means that there is no annoying bass reflex resonance or noise from the port. The impulse response is faster. The bass is better defined.

Optimum placement for the small listening room The JERN Model 12 are optimized for a close to the wall loudspeaker placement. The closed cabinet has only 12 dB per octave reduction below 65 Hz. The normal room gain bass increase means that it is possible to get good bass down below 40 Hz.

Sustainability The cast iron cabinet has a lifespan of more than 100 years and it is made of recycled material, except for the color paint. The JERN11 and 12 are elegant loudspeakers with revolutionary technology. They offer you a unique, musical sound experience!

Model 12XF
Wavecor woofer and SEAS tweeter.
Foam damping for the tweeter.
Large Mundor crossover coil.

Model 12WS
Wavecor woofer and ScanSpeak tweeter.
Sheep wool damping for the tweeter.
Large Mundorf crossover coil.
Teflon Cable.

Two way. Phase linear wide dispersion design. Sealed closed cabinet for the best transient response. No noise from a bass reflex port.

Drive Units
Tweeter: 19 mm SEAS dome tweeter. Wide dispersion. Textile membrane. Foam cover around the dome of the tweeter absorbs diffractions and gives a smoother response.
Woofer: Special developed Wavecor woofer 5 3/4 inch 146 mm frame.

Tweeter: 20 mm ScanSpeak dome tweeter. Wide dispersion. Textile membrane. Low distortion due to long excursion. 3mm Sheep Wool felt disc with star shaped cutout for the dome of the tweeter absorbs diffractions and gives a smoother response.
Woofer: Special developed Wavecor woofer 5 3/4 inch 146 mm frame

Frequency response
Typically 45 – 20.000 Hz in room, -6dB at 65 Hz in an anechoic chamber
These loudspeakers are developed to work really well close to walls

The phase linear 6dB/octave custom-made crossover uses a Mundorf polypropylene capacitor and an air core coil. It delivers a fine 3D soundstage.

Amplifier requirements
25 – 150W / 4 Ohm

Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)
86 dB


The rubber ring is included with each JERN12.

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Jern Model 12 Speakers

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