Heed Obelisk SI Mk2 Amplifier with X2 Power Supply


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The 21st century Obelisk 'si' (mkII) integrated amplifier features five line inputs, remote volume control, a substantial power supply which is further enhanced with the Obelisk 'X2' outboard power supply, and the ability to accept either optional phono stage or DAC modules.

Technically speaking, the Obelisk 'si' (mkII) defies conventional measurement - mere specifications can be wildly misleading here. Consider output power: the Obelisk 'si' (mkII) is conservatively rated at 35 watts per channel into 8 ohms. While this represents a humble enough watt/cost ratio, here 35 watts don't exactly equal 35 watts, since the Obelisk's non-DC-coupled design behaves rather more akin to valve amplifiers of similar rating. With this kind of power on board, better valve amps are capable of astonishing dynamic authority, and we're more than satisfied that the Obelisk 'si' (mkII) adheres to this paradigm and more.

The type of power amplifier design used by Heed Audio in the Obelisk is rarely seen these days and I can confirm it does lend the amplifier all of the characteristics outlined above. The amplifier is capable of great dynamic swings that defy the modest power output rating and it has a wonderfully judged top end with just enough "bite" to keep things interesting. I particularly liked the way vocals were presented and the flexibility to add a good quality phono stage and D to A converter, though sadly not at the same time!

Effectively allowing the original on-board power supply of the Obelisk Si to dedicate itself entirely to its pre amplifier section. By adding the Obelisk X2 you are able to transform your Obelisk Si into a fully-fledged dual-mono pre/power combination. It is a significant technical upgrade, and consequently a massive leap forward in sonic performance.

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