Dynavector 10X5mk2 High Output MC Cartridge


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This cartridge can trace its lineage all the way back to 1978 such is the success of this particular model. It is a high output moving coil and is therefore compatible with Moving Magnet amplifier designs. Changes to the internal coils, cantilever and stylus profile propel it forwards once again.

The Dynavector engineering team have been experimenting with different diamond profiles and cantilevers whilst developing the latest incarnation of 10X5 cartridge. Ultimately they have settled on a nude diamond “Shibata III” line contact stylus in combination with an improved hardened aluminium cantilever material. These improvements ensure secure tracking ability over even the most torturous of record grooves whilst achieving extended high frequency response and enhanced musical resolution anticipated from a Dynavector design.

The legendary Dynavector coil winding technology using the finest of wire has enabled the Dynavector 10X5 MKII to minutely increase the coil windings and achieve a reduction in impedance to 150 ohms whilst retaining a healthy 2.8mV output.

Dynavector employ unique and exclusive technologies that include Magnetic Flux Damping, Softened Magnetism (Patent) and powerful neodymium magnets that provide the smooth detailed treble response Dynavector are renowned for. The latest round of changes release greater detail and dynamics for an even more involving and engaging sound.

Type - High output MC cartridge with Flux damper and Softened magnetism
Output voltage - 2.8 mV ( at 1 kHz , 5 cm/sec. )
Frequency response - 20-20,000 Hz ( ± 2 dB )
Channel separation - 25 dB ( at 1 kHz )
Channel balance - 1.0 dB ( at 1 kHz )
Compliance - 12 mm/N
Impedance - 150 ohms
Stylus - Nude Diamond "Shibata III" Line Contact
Cantilever - 6 mm length hardened aluminium pipe
Tracking force - 1.8 - 2.2 g
Recommended load impedance - > 1000 ohms
Weight - 7.5 g

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Dynavector 10X5mk2 High Output MC Cartridge

Dynavector 10x5mk2
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