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The DALI KATCH ONE soundbar combines superior audio reproduction with a fresh appealing look. Experience movies, music and gaming like you’ve never heard them before. Take your home entertainment to a new level with DALI KATCH ONE, our first dedicated TV soundbar.

As TVs get larger, the space for quality audio systems gets even smaller. With slim profiles in vogue, audio performance is the first to suffer. For viewers that demand their TV sound to be just as sharp as the picture, DALI has created the KATCH ONE. A stylish, complete one-stop soundbar that upgrades the whole TV experience by adding that missing audio excellence.

Designed to enhance TV audio but engineered to improve music from any source, the DALI KATCH ONE has the power to perform as your main audio system. The faultless audio performance is testament to DALI's nearly four decade long experience in high-end Hi-Fi production, focusing on creating the most natural-sounding speakers on the market, recreating music just as the artist intended.

Featuring a chic, compact design, the DALI KATCH ONE features no fewer than 10 built-in drivers, perfectly matched with a powerful 4x 50W amplifier. This ensures that movie soundtracks are always sweepingly dynamic, that dialogue is always crisp and clear, and music is beautifully balanced and exactly as the creator intended.

With soft dome tweeters keeping sound clean and detailed, four large passive drivers work alongside four active woofers to deliver bass that's tight, punchy and precise, all combining to providing the perfect audio experience.

Elegant and easy to install, the DALI KATCH ONE comes with all the inputs you could ever need, including HDMI, 2x Optical, Analogue, not to mention Bluetooth (AAC and aptX).

Driving the KATCH ONE are 4 x 50 watts peak, closed loop Class-D amplifiers. Utilising DSP for the active crossover, the amplifiers are directly connected to the drivers, maximising the performance. The low Signal to Noise ratio (100dB) of the amplifier module ensures that even the smallest detail in a quiet passage is passed on to the drivers, clear and undistorted.

The KATCH ONE offers two different sound modes: Wide and Focus. They are designed to let the KATCH ONE perform with the widest selection of movies, documentaries, news and music. The first setting offers a focused and very linear audio reproduction that serves to draw out the often elusive mid-range frequency area. The other setting offers a wide, impressive and very dynamic audio rendering. This sound mode puts the emphasis on bringing a room filling, surprisingly powerful experience. Both sound modes deliver perfectly on the main goals of a high-quality soundbar - improving the TV experience through great sound.

Product series: KATCH
Frequency Range: (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 46 - 25,000
Maximum SPL: [dB] 101
Crossover Frequency: [Hz] 250 / 2500
Crossover Principle: 2½-way
High frequency driver, Quantity: 2 x 21 mm
High frequency driver, Diaphragm type: Soft Textile Dome
Low frequency driver, Quantity: 4 x 3.5"
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type: Aluminium Cone With Cloth Cap
Low frequency passive driver, Quantity: 4 x 4.5"
Low frequency passive driver, Diaphragm type: Steel Cone
Enclosure type Passive Radiators: (4 pcs)
Max. Amplifier Power Output: [RMS watt] 4 x 50
Amplifier Type: Fully digital Class-D amplifiers
Connection Input: HDMI ARC 2 x Optical (TosLink) 3.5 mm Mini Jack
Connection Output: SUB Out USB Charge Output (5V/1A)
Wireless Input(s): Bluetooth™ 4.0 AAC & Apt-X
Magnetic Shielding
Recommended Placement: On-Wall Shelf or stand Centre / Soundbar
Functions: Auto Source Select Bluetooth Release Dual Sound Mode (Wide/Focus) Mute Power On/Off: Standby (Auto Power) Off Source Select Volume
Standby Power Consumption: [W] <0,5 (Mains Adapter)
Dimensions: (HxWxD) [mm] 164 x 860 x 69
Weight: [kg] 3.7
Accessories: Included Mains Cable (2.0 m) Remote Control Wall Bracket (Leather Mount) Wooden Feet Quick Start Guide

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Dali Katch One Soundbar

Katch One Iron Black
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