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The Signature Tuned Aray cable replaces the Signature Plus and using a new construction method enables it to reveal a whole new world of detail and realism

The latest Signature is the first cable in the range constructed to the "Tuned Aray" principles. This was originally developed for the Sarum range of cables but it has proven itself every bit as effective on the Signature.

The cable consists of silver plated conductors covered with PTFE insulation and then shielded by two layers of silver plated braiding enabling the cable to reject interference over a very wide frequency range. It is then terminated using the latest low mass acrylic plugs again developed by Chord.

It can also be specified with both XLR and DIN configurations as well as the RCA option to suit most systems and unusually also as a turntable tonearm lead. The tonearm must be able to accept the SME style plug to be compatible.

That is all well and good but how does it sound?

Well our Enfield branch said "The most noticeable improvement is that the noise floor seems to have dropped, creating an inky black silence between every single instrument in the recording. This in turn has created one of the most realistically believable soundstages I have ever heard. Vocalists stand up to the microphone and start to sing, bass drums cut through me, strings on guitars have so much more texture."

You can read their full Blog Here

Most people that have auditioned the cable echo their sentiments so I urge you to contact us and arrange an audition of the breathtaking Chord Signature Tuned Aray today!


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Chord Signature Tuned Aray Interconnect - Audio T Recommends

Chord Signature Tuned Aray
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