Chord Signature Reference Speaker Cable Terminated


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The Chord Signature Reference Speaker Cable builds on the immense success of the original Signature cable, managing to produce even more detail and resolution. Using technologies developed for Chord's signature Sarum range, improvements and developments have been made to make this one of the best sounding speaker cables available.

The Signature Reference is designed to be incredibly neutral, transparent and capable of creating improvements and revealing layers of detail in any system.

Chord have made significant improvements to the shielding, the spacing between conductors and shielding and all the materials used have been updated. The Signature Reference utilises silver-plated conductors, adding detail and resolution, combined with PTFE insulation. The new shielding is also higher density. The changes and improvements have had a remarkable effect. The original Signature cable already offered stunning detail levels and ability to carry dynamic information, but the Signature Reference takes these characteristics to another level, bridging the gap between Signature and the reference Sarum range.

Signature Reference is built by hand in the same way as the original Signature. Each set is made to order and the two conductors are held in place with a precision machined aluminium clamp and twisted along their length to improve flexibility (Signature Reference is significantly more flexible than the original Signature). The aluminium clamp is designed to hold the cable securely but avoid any compression on the cable itself.

The cable like the original Signature is available in red and black and also in all black as well.

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Chord Signature Reference Speaker Cable Terminated

Chord Signature Reference
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