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Years of experience has produced a musically spectacular collection of products; Sarum cables. Speaker cable, interconnects and mains cables - conceived, designed and built to deliver a truly exceptional performance.

The Super ARAY power cable conductor geometry was developed just as Chord started to work on a new UK mains plug and IEC plug. These are the plugs that are fitted to the final version. The mains plug features silver-plated contacts that are plated to their specification and the plug casing has been modified to allow them to fit a pair of silicon spacers to control and damp vibration. The IEC plug has also been fitted with heavier silver-plated gauge contacts. These are the best plugs ever heard or used by Chord.

The conductors are the same as the ones used on the original Sarum and then Sarum Tuned ARAY power cable; what’s changed is the way that the new Super ARAY conductors are fitted. This involves the fitting of an ARAY chamber and extensive internal re-working. The strongest visual clues however are the new plugs.

The really cool thing about all the new Sarum Super ARAY cables is that the fundamental changes are to the ARAY technology and not to the signal conductors. This means that any Sarum Tuned ARAY or even original Sarum cable can be returned to Chord and re-built to the new Super ARAY specification.

If you already own a Tuned ARAY power cable, then sending it back for upgrading to Super ARAY specification is likely to be one of the best and most musical upgrades you are going to make. If you haven’t heard a Super ARAY power cable yet, then come in and have a listen. Even if it’s the only Super ARAY cable in the system, you’ll hear exactly what makes us so excited.

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