Chord Sarum Digital Super ARAY Interconnect

Years of experience has produced a musically spectacular collection of products; Sarum cables. Speaker cable, interconnects and mains cables - conceived, designed and built to deliver a truly exceptional performance.

The Sarum Super ARAY digital signal cable is one of the most specialised and unusual cable designs that Chord have used. Like other Sarum conductors, the internal cables are coaxial in design but the actual structure makes it unique. There is a single central conductor which is micro polished prior to being silver-plated. This is insulated with an air spaced PTFE wrap and then shielded with a unique heavy gauge silver-plated wire helix configuration, producing an unusually dense shield that protects the signal conductors from not just electrical interference, but also provides a very high degree of mechanical insulation as well.

The outer jacket is extruded PTFE and like other Chord digital cables, the construction is unusual in that separate signal and return conductors are used. Most digital cables use a single run of coaxial cable with the return being made by the shield. The Sarum Super ARAY digital uses two runs of cable, one carrying the signal and the other the return.

The Sarum Super ARAY digital is available terminated with either PTFE surround RAC plugs or high performance silver-plated BNC plugs. Please do not be tempted to use any form of BNC/RCA adaptor - they have a marked effect on performance.

If you already own a Sarum Tuned ARAY or Sarum cable then you can return your cables(s) and have them upgraded to the new Sarum Super ARAY specification.

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