Chord Electronics Hugo TT Dac/Headphone Amplifier

Upgraded Desktop Hugo model with better performance, cable connections, remote control and memory recall along with a larger more substantial chassis.

Chord Electronics are keen to dispel the idea that the Hugo TT is just a "Hugo in a posh frock" and rightly so!

Whilst the heart is based on the Hugo DAC/Headphone amplifier they have gone to enormous lengths to improve sound quality even further for use with high-end headphones and in audiophile systems.

The USB input has had Galvanic Isolation added which completely isolates the unit from RF and In-band noise which delivers great improvements with improved soundstage depth and a smoother more natural sound.

The inclusion of larger batteries and power supply capacitors results in much greater headroom, power and dynamics. Running on batteries results in a superbly quiet and stable power supply allowing the finest nuances of your music to be resolved. This is then bolstered by output stages biased more heavily into Class A operation for even lower distortion.

The next area to be improved is connectivity. The Hugo TT now sports two USB "B" inputs plus the coaxial digital input is now a 75 ohm BNC connector. Finally the audio output sockets have much greater space around them for larger plugs and a fully balanced pair of XLR outputs are featured running from the balanced audio signal generated by the internal circuitry. Twin 6.3mm headphone sockets are featured alongside a 3.5mm one to cater for all headphones.

The Hugo TT also sports a very sensitive Bluetooth antenna which allows a most useful 25m range for domestic use and a new heavy chassis measuring around 25cm x 25cm making it easy to house.

The Hugo TT is one of the finest DAC/Headphone amplifier combinations available and deserves to be auditioned so call one of our stores and book a listen!

Hugo TT key features

- Remote control allowing input (source) selection and volume control
- Alphanumeric LED display to show settings
- Double the battery capacity of Hugo
- 10,000,000uF (microfarads) of supercapacitor energy storage
- Fully balanced outputs using XLR connectors
- Single-ended RCA outputs
- BNC coaxial digital input
- Optical TOSLink input
- Full-sized B-type USB inputs for both SD USB and HD USB feeds
- Full galvanic isolation on the HD USB input right up to 384kHz
- Improved analogue stage output current for low distortion into low impedance loads
- 2x Quarter-inch jack headphone outputs
- 1x 3.5mm jack headphone output


- Advanced digital volume control
- Crossfeed filter network
- Battery-powered for power supply isolation 
- Input selection identification and remote volume up or down indication is via alphanumeric display and colour-changing LED display
- 26K tap-length filter 
- THD: 140dB
- Headphone output: 110dB SPL into a 300ohm headphone load


- 1x Optical TOSLink 24-bit/192KHz-capable
- 1x BNC coaxial input 32-bit/384kHz -capable
- 1x HD/SD USB B-type input up to 32-bit/384kHz


- 1x3.5mm headphone jack
- 2x6.35mm (1/4-inch) headphone jack
- 1x (pair) stereo RCA phono output
- Fully balanced via XLR connectors

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