Audioquest Black Lab Subwoofer Cable


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Black Lab is the entry cable in the canine-themed interconnect range from Audioquest. Use this Single RCA cable to connect your active "woofer" to an amplifier or AV Receiver.

AudioQuest continue to use solid Long Grain Copper (LGC), a technique that eliminates strand interaction (being more like a long core of solid copper) in their interconnects. A smoother and clearer sound is achieved than regular OFC cables.

High quality Polyethylene insulation and an integrated system to combat noise are all unmistakable features of Audioquest Black Lab and rather than soldering RCA plugs to terminate the cable they strongly believe in a 'cold-weld' connection to avoid distortion, a technique used on their high end cables.

The Black Lab also comes complete with a useful grounding lug, which will help to eliminate any subwoofer hum you may come across. Simply attach one spade lug to the metal chassis of the subwoofer's amplifier block and the other spade to the chassis of the AV receiver or amplifier.

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Audioquest Black Lab Subwoofer Cable

Audioquest Black Lab sub Cable
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