Arcam Solo Muso Speakers

The muso speaker has been designed to perfectly complement Solo Movie & Music systems, utilising the same audiophile sound quality and unobtrusive but stylish aesthetic as the rest of the Solo product range.

Ease of placement and effortless high quality sound are the signature of the new Solo muso speaker.

The main drive unit utilises a proprietary paper-pulp and fibre sandwich cone resulting in an optimally light yet stiff cone. The drive unit’s chassis is die-cast, which has been used over the more common and cheaper steel chassis as it allows for thinner supporting structures which in turn allow sound to pass from the back of the speaker cone to the inside of the cabinet more easily and reduces reflected sound back towards the cone, which would add distortion.

Within the cabinet, speaker wadding further damps internal reflections and increase the apparent volume by slowing air movement which extends the low frequency response. Additionally, the walls are lined with adhesive vibration damping material to greatly reduce and sound being radiated from the cabinet.

The muso tweeter is a pure aluminium dome tweeter. As with the main driver, sound passes from the tweeter both forwards and backwards. When travelling backwards through the tweeter, the sound reaches the back surface of the tweeter and is radiated into the cabinet. To combat this, the rear surface of the tweeter is damped, significantly reducing this distortion and improving the clarity of the sound, particularly the fine detail.

By employing a front-facing port, the muso speaker can be used close to walls without interfering with the port response. To achieve bass extension without “chuffing” a long port of large cross sectional area is needed. As the muso cabinet is not large enough to accommodate a long port, the port is bent internally and is custom moulded with thick side walls to support itself with minimal vibration even when the speaker is playing at loud volumes.

System design
Two-way ported speaker, with 4.0 litres
internal volume
The cabinet is solidly constructed from
cast aluminium

Drive unit
125 mm (5 in) cone bass/mid-range
unit. Proprietary paper-pulp cone, diecast
25 mm (1 in) neodymium aluminiumdomed

Rated power (maximum) 80 W
Frequency range 70 – 22,000 Hz
Impedance (nominal) 4 Ω
Sensitivity 83 dB/W, measured at 1 m
Crossover High-performance, 6 element design,
2.5 kHz, 12 dB/octave
Recommened amplifier output power 100 W
Connections 4 mm, 5-way, gold plated binding posts
Finish Silver or black paint finish
Dimensions (WxHxD) (including terminals) 150 x 270 x 165 mm
Net weight 3.010 kg

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