Arcam FMJ A29 Amplifier

The A29 is the first Class G amplifier from Arcam under a £1000 and offers a total of 80w per channel with 20w per channel in Class A for amazing low level performance.

Arcam’s A29 integrated amplifier represents another major step forward for Arcam’s stereo audio engineering. Drawing on the many years of amplifier design experience at Arcam, the A29 uses a class G amplifier, toroidal based power supply, acoustically damped chassis and complementary transistor output stages.

The A29 delivers exceptionally low levels of distortion and noise meaning it is capable of reproducing music with all its original authority and detail. Developing a massive 80 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 175 watts into 4 ohms it has huge extra power reserves from the latest generation class G topology that is both clever and efficient allowing the A29 to deliver your music with breathtaking honesty.

During normal operation, distortion is measured in less than one part per million so that this massive power is delivered with total control and finesse. In Arcam's words "There have been great strides made in improving audio sources and loudspeakers in recent years and the time is right to match them in the field of amplifier design"

One of a trio of new ground breaking amplifiers, the A29 is a must audition product for music lovers who understand that power is nothing without control.

In order to achieve the highest possible performance from this FMJ product, we thoroughly recommend you ask us to calibrate and install this product for you in the comfort of your home.

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