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Tidal Music Streaming Service Comes to Naim Streaming Products With Latest Firmware Update

Posted: 30th September 2015
Tidal Music Streaming Service Comes to Naim Streaming Products With Latest Firmware Update

Naim Streaming Products - New Firmware Updates
Naim are releasing two major updates which enable native support for TIDAL lossless streaming on all Naim streaming products and include a host of other new features and improvements.

What’s New?
Streamer Firmware Version 4.4 will enable native support for TIDAL on our two-channel all-in-one players, network players and streaming preamplifiers.
Mu-so Firmware Version 1.3 will enable native support for TIDAL on our Mu-so® wireless music system alongside four new features already offered by our core range. This includes support for gapless playback, Seek2Time via the Naim App, a new alarm clock feature and multiroom master capability.

Important Timings
The updates will be made available to all customers on Tuesday 6th October 2015. Mu-so owners will be prompted to carry out the update from the Naim App. The update for all other products will be available from the Naim website alongside an updated set of instructions for PC and Mac.
TIDAL Integration - Including Free 90 Day Trial
The TIDAL streaming service will now be available natively from Naim streaming products. Using the Naim App for iOS and Android devices, the user will now be able to select TIDAL as an input from the home screen. This will offer full access to TIDAL and its library of millions of songs in lossless CD quality. The interface is integrated into the Naim app, making for a seamless playback experience.

We are also thrilled to be able to offer a FREE 90 day trial to existing and new owners of compatible Naim streaming products. Customers will be prompted to claim their FREE trial via the Naim App when selecting the new TIDAL input.
Mu-so Multiroom
Following the new firmware update Mu-so will be able to act as a master in a Naim multiroom system where previously it could only be a client player. Now you can play music between up to five Mu-so
wireless music systems in perfect sync via the Naim app without other two-channel Naim streaming products.

The Naim App Update
An update to the Naim App will be available at the same time as the two new firmware updates go live. It has been updated to accomodate for the new features and includes the option of a volume slider on the bottom bar which can be activated via the ‘Settings’ menu.

Compatibility of Older Products*
Original NaimUniti and UnitiQute models and early NDX models are compatible with this new update but will only gain the new features (HLS BBC Radio support, TIDAL, Alarm Clock) if they are 24bit/192kHz capable.
You can check if your product is 24/192 capable by entering the Setup menu using the front panel or remote control. Then go to Factory Settings > System Status and scroll to > BC SW. If the version number displayed starts ‘3D’ you have the latest hardware. If it displays anything else then you will need to upgrade your hardware to benefit from new features.
Mu-so will also benefit from further features already available from two-channel Naim products. Gapless playback, a new alarm clock feature that can be set via the ‘Settings’ menu on the Naim App and Seek2Time have all been introduced alongside support for the new HLS format used by higher-resolution BBC iRadio stations.

Full release information
Streamer Firmware Version 4.4
Compatible with: UnitiQute*, UnitiQute 2, UnitiLite, NaimUniti*, NaimUniti 2, SuperUniti, NDS, NDX*, ND5 XS, NAC-N 272, NAC-N 172 XS
Release date: 06/10/2015 at 11am (BST) - Available to download from Naim website.
What’s new?
• Support for TIDAL streaming service
• Update to clock and alarm feature - user now has the option to set product to adjust for DST (Daylight Saving Time) automatically or manually
• Improvements to IGMP protocol to enhance product discovery
• Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements
Mu-so Firmware Version 1.3
Compatible with: Mu-so
Release date: 06/10/2015 at 11am (BST) - Available from Naim App for iOS and Android
What’s new?
• Support for TIDAL streaming service
• Support for full Multiroom capability - Mu-so may now be the ‘Master’ streamer
• Alarm clock feature added with choice of automatic or manual DST (Daylight Saving Time) setting, Gapless playback support
• Seek2Time to search through tracks using scroll bar on the Naim App
• Support for high-res HLS format used by BBC Radio stations
• Support for playback of 32bit audio files
• Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Naim App - Android Version 1.6, iOS Version 4.6
Compatible with: iOS 7.1 and onwards, Android 1.6 and onwards (latest software for your device recommended)
Release date: 06/10/2015 - Available from App Store and Google Play Store

What’s new?
• Support for TIDAL streaming service (Naim streamer users require firmware 4.3.24 or above, Mu-so users require 1.2.43 or above)
• Optional volume slider on bottom bar. To activate go to ‘Settings > Other settings > Bottom bar volume control’

 Learn more about Tidal music streaming service here.

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