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Quadraspire Bamboo Racks

Posted: 2nd March 2012
Quadraspire Bamboo Racks

Fresh from their launch at the Bristol Show, Quadraspire Bamboo Evolution racks are now on show at our Brighton store.

Sound Performance
Lauded by many in the manufacturing industry as the ‘material of the future”, Bamboo, with it’s high tensile strength and vibration suppressing qualities, is the ideal material to use in Quadraspire hi-fi rack to further improve sound performance.

Natural Beauty
The natural beauty of solid Bamboo lies in its awesome strength and intricate growth patterns and micro pore structure that can be seen in the shelf edge detail.

Sustainable Design
Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and regular harvests where each year about 30% of the forest is harvested without reducing the size of the forest.

Carbon Neutral
Bamboo is carbon neutral where its C02 Fixation (absorption) prior to harvesting is greater than the C02 emissions during the manufacturing and transportation.

Panda Friendly
Quadraspire uses high Moso bamboo, supplied by Bamboo Surfaces, that has no leaf growth on the ?rst 5 metres of the stem and is therefore not a source of food for the panda.

Q4 Bamboo
The new Q4 Bamboo hi? rack out performs the Q4EVO wood veneer due to the solid bamboo’s inherent superior dampening properties:

• Intricate machining on the underside of the shelf to further reduce mass and resonance without losing any of its strength

• Flexible modular solution to fit most systems

• Solid non magnetic aluminium columns SVT BambooThe use of solid Bamboo, with its inherent dampening properties, in our high performance SVT and SV2T racks is a significant improvement over the wood veneer for heavier and larger sized components:

• The engineered slotted shelves reduce mass and help air ventilation

• Solid brass collars help dissipate vibration away from the electronics

• Solid concave aluminium columns

Call in and see the range and find out why Bamboo is the future, is carbon neutral and Panda friendly!

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