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Naim 200DR, 250DR, 350DR and 500DR Power Amplifiers

Posted: 9th November 2015

It is perhaps no surprise that Naim would add its DR technology to the classic power amps with regulated power supplies. Naim has never underestimated the importance of power supplies and the huge performance gains obtained during the Statement development were just waiting to be transferred. The NA009 power transistor delivers further advantages in material properties, thermal stability and die matching together with being a higher power device. In addition to these two new technologies the circuit boards have been revised and relayed out. This, together with improved transistor mounting and heat-sinking, has delivered substantial gains in performance.

The new DR power supply is 30x quieter than the current power supply and has been engineered into the NAP 250, NAP 300 and NAP 500 which run entirely from linear regulated power supplies. They also have separate PSUs for each channel. The DR supply is not only quieter but has a lower dynamic impedance. This means as the speaker takes current the power supply remains very constant. You can see the DR regulator board in situ below on the left and the effect it has on lowering the amplifier noise floor (Green Trace) on the right. 

The new NA009 power transistors were developed especially for the Statement power amplifier. It took Naim on a year long journey investigating many disciplines including materials used to construct the transistor, thermal dynamics and die matching techniques. Each NA009 is serial numbered and fully parameterised in the transistor manufacturer’s temperature controlled clean room. From the serial number Naim know the exact silicon wafer the die was made allowing them to use adjacent die matching. These advantages can be confirmed by the measured and listening test results. You can see the NA009 transistor below on the left and in situ on the right.

The NAP 200 differs from the rest of the range as it does not use the new NA009 transistors. It also does not use regulated rails for the power amplifier section. It does however provide power to the attached preamplifier. This power supply is now upgraded to a DR module identical to that can be found in the Hi-cap. Now the pre-amplifier will enjoy the low noise benefits without using an external DR power supply.


NEW NAP200 DR £1995
NEW NAP250 DR £3495
 NAP300 DR £7295
NEW NAP500 DR £19500


Contact your local store for 18 months Interest FREE Credit N.B. Only available for outright purchase not with part exchange. 

If you would like to part exchange your existing Naim NAP amplifier, do contact us for the best deal we can offer.

We are of course offering our existing demo units at attractive prices so check out our
 ex-demo Naim amplifiers here.

Finally there is more good news as Naim say existing owners of triptych or new look cased NAP 250, NAP 300 and NAP 500 power amplifiers will be able to have their amps updated to the new specification starting in February 2016.

Upgrades will commence in February 2016 and will need to be booked in at your nearest Audio T

NAP250 DR upgrade £995
NAP300 DR upgrade £1495
NAP500 DR upgrade £4200

NAP250 DR £1295
NAP300 DR £1850
NAP500 DR £4900

N.B. There is no upgrade option for the NAP200 to DR status

Click here to visit the Naim Audio Website

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