B&W P3 headphones

  • Independent review by Audio T


Bowers & Wilkins’ P3 headphones are portable, lightweight, rugged and produce just the engaging listening experience that you would expect from the world leaders in speaker design. The beautifully styled P3 headphones produce a remarkably natural, detailed sound thanks to some major technological innovations that reduce distortion to a minimum. Highlight features include a folding design for easy storage and specially designed ear pad fabric and memory foam pads to improve both sound quality and comfort for longer listening sessions.

Available in black, white or blue, Bowers & Wilkins’ P3 headphones come with a hard carry case and a choice of cables for iPhone and other mobile phones and MP3 players.

T3 likes the characteristic Bowers & Wilkins superb finish not to mention the exceptional sound quality, “that contains definition, clarity and punch”.

What Hi Fi? Sound & Vision finds the P3s, “….lower frequencies have a remarkable sense of weight and depth” and that the headphones have a, “good sense of control,” and provide a, “refined, easy-going listen.”

The Daily Mail doesn’t hold back either, describing the P3’s sound as both, “mind-blowing” and, “breathtaking” helped by “miraculous sound staging - the instrument distinction and minimal distortion helping to create a wonderful image….whatever genre you're listening to.”