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The new Dragonfly V1.2 pocket USB DAC/Headphone amplifier retains all of the features of the original but has improved power supply and audio circuitry to deliver a much more musical sound at a lower price!

Best DAC up to £300 2014 Product Of The Year

Listen to music using headphones plugged into your computer?

What you really need is a digital to analogue converter, preamplifier and headphone amplifier to make the most of the sound: in other words, the USB-stick-sized Audioquest Dragonfly V1.2, combining all these functions in a tiny package you can keep in your pocket or computer bag, and packed with the latest audio technology.

It can play music right up to beyond-CD quality, power your headphones or feed music to your hi-fi system, and doesn’t even need batteries – it’s powered from your computer.

Audioquest have improved the sound quality over the original Dragonfly so it now offers a more detailed yet richer and fuller performance.

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• Plays All Music Files: MP3 to 24-bit/192kHz
• Drives headphones directly
• Variable output drives powered speakers or power amp
• Fixed output feeds preamp or AV receiver Features:
• 64-position (computer-controlled) analog volume control
• Asynchronous Class 1 USB data transfer using the Streamlength™ protocol*
• Direct-coupled circuitry from the ESS Sabre™ DAC chip through the analog volume control and analog output section
• Isolated Dual Master Clocks enable all sample rates to be ideally processed without any conversion or rounding errors


Sample rates supported, LED indicator color codes: 44.1kHz (Green), 48kHz (Blue), 88.2kHz (Amber), 96kHz (Magenta)
Output voltage: 2vrms
Minimum driven impedance (headphones, electronic input): 12 ohms
Maximum headphone driver output power: 125mW @ 32 ohms

Analog Audio – Frequency Response:

DC - 22 kHz (44.1kHz sample rate)
DC - 24 kHz (48kHz sample rate)
DC - 44 kHz (88.2kHz sample rate)
DC - 48 kHz (96kHz sample rate)


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