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Usually reserved for the higher end equipment, power supplies are designed for all types of equipment such as amplifiers, cd players, streamers and turntables.

Whilst all unique to certain products they share a broadly similar role. That is to take the mains electricity supply and provide a completely clean, battery like source of noiseless power, on which your hi-fi components can feed, often increasing the number of seperate isolated supplies the component can utilise.

The one thing that you can be certain of is that if your component has the option of adding a seperate power supply, then adding it will enhance its' performance and your listening pleasure!

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Naim NAPSC power supply

Naim NAPSC power supply


1 clearance item available from £200.00

Naim FlatCap XS power supply

Naim FlatCap XS power supply


2 clearance items available from £699.00 - £700.00

Naim NAC 552 Pre-amp including 552PS DR

Naim NAC 552 Pre-amp including 552PS DR


1 clearance item available from £12,500.00

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